In his last years, John from “The Green Mile”: This is how Duncan appeared just before his death.

These never-before-seen images from “The Green Mile” star’s collection are guaranteed to please everyone.

This exceptionally brilliant, well esteemed, and excellent actor got worldwide attention and accolades following his portrayal in “The Green Mile,” in which he masterfully depicted a man sentenced to death.

But his real life wasn’t all that great either. His mother was a single parent. Due to a lack of funds, the future great was forced to drop out of school and give up basketball.

He was a security guard by trade before becoming a bodyguard due to his height, athletic build, and remarkable physical condition.

Later, he co-starred with Bruce Willis in the film “Armageddon.” This one gave him the opportunity to portray “The Green Mile,” his most well-known part. Clarke has been in films such as Sin City and Planet of the Apes.

He suffered a heart attack in the hospital in 2012, and the effects were devastating.

Have you watched the popular film?

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