53-year-old Jennifer Lopez revealed her real beauty without makeup or filters: admirers adore her.

Jennifer Lopez’s extraordinary youth continues to wow internet users.

It’s no secret that the star works hard to preserve her physical appearance. She is undeniably successful.

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I completely gave up caffeine – all these are the main enemies of our skin, the culprits of wrinkles and a dull complexion,” the singer said in a recent interview.

J. Lo also adheres to strict dietary standards.

She tries to steam all of the fresh seasonal vegetable meals she prepares, and she avoids sweets and fried foods in her diet.

Because of her approach to her own nutrition, the artist is able to avoid utilizing restrictive diets. And the new video on Jennifer’s site shows that this moderation is highly successful.

On social media, the celebrity recently posted a video of her morning beauty ritual.

Lopez lacked makeup and skin-imperfection-covering filters in the video.

This room has no special lighting or filters. “It’s just me and the morning light,” the celebrity said.

Jennifer also mentioned that she starts each day with motivational cards. The star feels that being in a good attitude in the morning is quite important.

Lopez is not the only individual who believes that decreasing stress levels is beneficial to overall physical health.

The singer then cleanses herself with products from her own beauty brand, including a vitamin-infused serum.

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