Girl pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to appear like the iconic doll, Silicone Barbie.

A real-life Barbie Doll is a 22-year-old Budapest, Hungary, resident. Barbara Luna Sipos accomplished her dream of having a Barbie Doll-like appearance.

Barbara revealed that she used to like playing with Barbie dolls and aspired to be extremely similar to them. When the girl was barely 17 years old, she underwent her first surgery. She expanded her breast first.

The girl soon got married, and her spouse helped her through thousands of further procedures. The girl claims that $165,000 is insufficient, despite their spending.

In addition to her breasts, the girl had two rhinoplasties, her buttocks expanded, her chin repeatedly lowered, and her jaw and forehead reshaped.

The girl had been employed as a receptionist secretary, but she was let off shortly after. She claimed that no one wanted to take her to any other jobs because she drove guys crazy.

In 2019, Barbara got divorced. However, the girl intends to remarry.

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