Divinely attractive. Crawford’s Adult Son Meets His Mother’s Groupies and Fall in Love

Cindy Crawford, a famous model, turned 54 on February 20. She has given her two children, Kaia and Presley, who are already making waves in the fashion business, her exquisite looks. Crawford’s admirers were moved when the happy mother recently posted a picture of her cherished children.

What a hottie, by God. “Presley is good,” “He didn’t stand a chance, let him try to have a different look with such a beautiful mother,”

“Mama’s copy”, “I want to be your daughter-in-law”, “Mama’s genes did their job”, “Stately handsome guy”, “I think the headlines in the press are a little exaggerated.” a typical male.

If not for his well-known mother, “who would have needed him?”,

“Let’s call things by their proper names: an ordinary guy, there are many times more handsome,” is what is said under Cindy Crawford’s post. Your perspective is intriguing as well.

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