The same as her grandmother. Fans of the legend were shocked when Hepburn’s granddaughter cut off all of her hair.

The granddaughter of the famous actor Audrey Hepburn, who was born in 1994, has made her own mark. Emma was able to make a living as a model, and she was even on the cover of a well-known expensive magazine. She went to an art school in Florence and finished because she loved art so much.

Emma has been seen less and less in public lately because she is putting more effort into her drawing. It looks like her job as a model might be over. It’s interesting that Hepburn’s granddaughter has taken on her grandmother’s generous spirit, taking part in charitable projects and planning events often.

“Wasn’t as pretty as her grandmother,” “Not even as pretty as Audrey,”

“She wasn’t like her famous grandmother,” “Audrey was very pretty and girly,”

“A girl has bad luck. Now, for the rest of her life, she will be compared to her grandma, who was beautiful. People on the Internet will say things like, “She’s not as good as Hepburn at anything.” Do you want to add anything?

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