What Tom Cruise’s daughter, with whom he has no touch, looks like now.

In 2012, star Tom Cruise stopped talking to his only daughter and split up with his wife. Today, the reporters and fans of the popular star are very interested in Suri, who is 16 years old. The mother did everything she could to keep her daughter out of the press, but as Suri has gotten bigger, she has become more well-known and is being interviewed by the media more and more.

Recently, reporters took pictures of Suri while she was walking with a friend in New York. People on the network said things like, “She looks just like her father,” “What a beautiful girl,” and “How does Tom sleep at night knowing he turned his back on his only child?” “Looks like Tom when he was young,” “Inherited all the best from mom and dad,” and “Inherited all the best from mom and dad.”

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