Model with the most unusual shapes: how this woman looked before plastic surgery

Allegra Cole’s dream job has always been to be a model. But she didn’t think she was pretty enough or attractive enough for this job. Allegra didn’t like almost everything about herself, it seems. So, she chose to get plastic surgery when she was in her 30s.

After the first surgery, she became hooked on it in some way. Allegra changed about herself in every way. Cole looked very different after he had 6 facial surgeries. She was very tall and had a big bust. Allegra is upset with herself, though. The woman is about to have more surgery to get the body she has always wanted.

But a rare picture of Allegra from her past showed up on the Internet. Users were able to see how the woman looked before she had plastic surgery. Cole was a pretty pretty girl.

But she made herself into a weirdo. Yes, she is happy and sure of herself now. Allegra feels beautiful.

And what about you? In what way is Allegra pretty?

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