layers up into three layers. Men said that the most beautiful woman on earth was relaxing by the pool.

Men say that Ashley Graham, a beautiful model, is the most attractive woman in the world. Ashley has never been known for being skinny, and after giving birth to her children, she shocked her fans by weighing a whopping 198 pounds. The famous person posted pictures of herself relaxing by her pool at her home in Los Angeles on Instagram.

Ashley’s critics wrote about the star’s flaws in the comments section of her new post, but Ashley’s fans praised the model on her new status.

“A beautiful woman should have many,” “Not a model, a dream,” “Who says we like skinny women?”, “And I never looked at overly skinny girls. I’m not interested in them at all.”

“Healthy and beautiful woman,” “The perfect woman,” “Immaculate lady. And she has a very pretty face. “How can she be the most wanted woman in the world?” What about 90-60-90?”

Internet users wrote in the comments section of Ashley’s new photos, “Do men have bad eyesight?” And do you agree that Graham is the most attractive woman on the planet?

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