Putting out the “love” net: Amber Heard had an affair with an Italian actor.

Amber Heard put her Hollywood career on hold while she went to court with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Unfortunately, the actor lost in court, and she had to move to Spain because of it.

Recently, it was reported that Heard had finally paid Depp the money he was owed. Depp then gave the money to a charity. It looked like the end of a sad story. Amber Heard’s new movie was shown at the Greek Film Festival, which was a surprise.

Heard’s showing at the event, on the other hand, not only drew attention to her new project, but also to her new boyfriend. Fans couldn’t help but notice that she was with an attractive guy. The two people were freely chatting with each other and hugging each other in public. The man didn’t seem to care about Amber Heard’s rough history with Johnny Depp.

It’s interesting to learn that Heard’s new boyfriend is Italian star Luca Calvani, who is 48 years old. He has done a lot of modeling in the past, and now he is playing in Italian movies.

When the two people first met, they were working on a project together.

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