Gomez was rounded and wearing a wet bodysuit with cutouts around the waist to display her new figure.

Selena Gomez, a 30-year-old Hollywood singer and actress, seldom gives her followers full-body shots. Selena’s struggle with lupus has caused her physical appearance to shift noticeably over the past four years. She has allegedly gained weight and lost her prior charm, according to some detractors. The Hollywood beauty made an exception only lately, though, and unveiled her new look in gorgeous holiday photos.

The Network’s users have differing perspectives. “You’re gorgeous as always, Selena,” and “You let yourself go.” was previously very thin,”

“She’s very brave,” “Don’t judge her, Selena has serious problems.”

Selena, health to you,” “Was and still is number one,” “You look lovely,” “Not everyone would dare show up looking like that,”

“It’s better still,” I saw Selena Gomez’s post, “My ideal,” underneath. Can you claim to be the artist’s fan? What do you think of the new footage of the celebrity?

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