Kourtney Kardashian Unveils Her Rounded Belly for the First Time While Pregnant in a Bikini

The famous face from television passed her time unwinding by the pool at her property. Kourtney Kardashian displayed her growing baby bump.

The idea of having a child together has been nurtured by Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. News of the couple’s impending parenthood leaked a week ago. The Kim Kardashian’s sister has just revealed that she is pregnant and is now enjoying her condition. The 44-year-old American model demonstrated today in a green mini-bikini how she relaxes by the pool.

Kourtney boldly flaunted her cleavage and big tummy. In a large, well-lit bedroom, she took mirror selfies to show her fans how her body had changed. To remain cool in the oppressive heat, the reality personality wore a tie-up swimsuit and a green bikini top.

The model titled the post on her own site, “Sweet summer.” Kourtney also took up-close pictures of herself lying down beneath a blue umbrella. Large black sunglasses helped Kardashian seem better.

The terrace of Kourtney’s villa is seen in several of the videos she released. There are tables and chairs with comfy cushions, as well as a ping pong table. The pool is surrounded by blue sun loungers, and older Kardashian children may be seen swimming about. The businesswoman and her ex-partner Scott Disick has three children: a boy called Mason who is 13 years old, a daughter named Penelope who is 10, and a son named Rain who is 8 years old.

Kourtney received accolades from her fans. Bloggers said, “Oh my God, that blessed baby girl!”, “You’re all glowing!”, and “Pregnancy is the best time for a woman.”

During a Blink-182 performance in Los Angeles, Kourtney announced that she was expecting her first child with Travis Barker. She was there to support her husband. The Kim Kardashian’s sister briefly started waving a sign that said, “Travis, I’m pregnant!”

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