Dreams do come true: The youngster, who was in a terrible state, has entirely transformed himself.

Nine years ago, New Zealander Evan Hill rose to international recognition as a result of his unusual physical features and medical condition. When he was 12 years old in 2012, word of a little child in need of money for an expensive procedure quickly went across the world.

Evan’s situation resulted from a major misalignment of his upper jaw, which led to a minor overgrowth of his front teeth. When his parents went to see an orthodontist, New Zealand had an earthquake, putting the family in danger of losing their house. Along with destroying their home, the earthquake also took away their means of transportation, making it more difficult to get Evan to appointments.

Even though children’s dental care in New Zealand is normally free, Evan’s situation required many procedures, each of which had its own expense. When the public learned about the boy’s predicament, an astounding $100,000 rather than the initially desired $12,000 was raised. The sudden infusion of cash surprised and delighted Evan’s parents at the same time. They were able to buy a new automobile and pay for all of their son’s required medical treatments thanks to it. They kindly gave the leftover funds to other kids who were in need.

The youngster eventually achieved the appearance of his dreams and was appreciative to all that assisted him in making that change and making him feel so content.

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