The twins, who were once 586 and 604 pounds each, have lost a considerable amount of weight.

To ensure that no more lives were at risk, fast action was required.

Since they were little girls, Brandi and Kandi have used food as a coping mechanism for stress. The girls frequently became irritated by their parents’ lack of interest and turned to the sweets to which they had grown accustomed. When the kids became older, their mother and father started feeding them fast food to keep them engaged and away from their parents’ hobbies.

Naturally, this eating style has negative effects. The girls’ bullying by cruel classmates at school was the cause of the early problems. As teenagers, each lady weighed more than 220 pounds, and the worst thing was that the weight kept increasing.

Following a fight with their parents, Kandi and Brandi moved out. Regrettably, the start of their new lives on their own had little effect on their eating habits.

The sisters worked as salespeople to support themselves, but because they were consuming unhealthy meals like fast food, sweets, and sugary beverages, they weren’t able to lose weight. The girls became as uncomfortable as they could because they couldn’t go to work because of their weight.

Kandi and Brandi began experiencing health problems.

When they each started to weigh more than 550 pounds, they made the decision to turn to the well-known TV program “My 600-Lb Life” for assistance.

As a result, a protracted and arduous path toward wellness began. The best medical professionals took care of the sisters; a dietician recommended a diet, and psychiatrists started working with them. Over time, each sister established a weight-loss goal for herself. The pounds started to go. But they had to shrink their stomachs for medical reasons. Despite the fact that Brandi had an easy time getting through the procedure and Kandi almost passed away from a cardiac condition, everything turned out well in the end.

The girls continue to maintain their health after the program has concluded by going to the gym and eating healthily. Even better, Brandi fell in love, got hitched, and had a kid.

On the other hand, Kandi is not in a rush to wed; she plans to travel widely and really savor her new life.

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