In His New Film, Sylvester Stallone Makes It Clear: “No Woke Crap”

One of the most important figures in Hollywood is Sylvester Stallone. He is a film writer. Epic tales of American valor are produced and directed by him. He personifies everything admirable about our wonderful nation. For crying out loud, the dude performed Rambo.

Stallone has declared that there would be “no woke crap” on his set as he gets ready for his upcoming major film.

“I won’t have a bunch of granola parents and their soy boy spouses telling me what I can and can’t do on my set with my team,” he remarked. “The wokeness can be lost. We do not require it.

Stallone joins the increasing group of conservatives in Hollywood who are at last speaking out against the powers that be. Stallone already has a blacklist of actors and actresses he won’t work with, according to his spokesman Joe Barron.

Naturally, Alyssa Milano and the rest of “The Conners” cast are at the top. Because of how unpopular she is, Whoopi Goldberg has earned an asterisk, and if your name is George Takei, you should definitely go see if Star Trek would accept you back.

Stallone predicts that he should be able to finish up everything in less than a month if the wokeness doesn’t wear him out. We completed the first Rocky in three weeks on a $900 budget, and he added, “I even had to pay for the turtles myself.”

It is real. Even today, he still keeps those turtles. Both Sly and America are blessed by God.

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