In “Pretty Woman” has reached the age of 55. Jennifer Roberts arrived without a single makeup gram

Only her family is allowed to see the star from this vantage point.

It seems that Julia Roberts’ beauty endures through the ages. The 55-year-old American appears to be a recent college graduate in several photos. But without her makeup, it’s obvious that even stars of her stature are susceptible to the cruel hands of time.

The “Pretty Woman” star is attended to by a team of stylists and beauty specialists before attending each red carpet event. Numerous hours of labor went into creating everything from skincare regimens, hairstyles, and cosmetics to massages, food programs, and skincare routines. With all of this work, the media will continue to be in awe of Julia’s youthful appearance.

But when the photographers aren’t on the job, Roberts relishes the opportunity to relax at home. In a post on her social media, the star can be seen with a naked face.

Her eyes seem a little more sunken without mascara, her nose isn’t as sleek and streamlined, and a few creases show here and there. The actress still looks very young for her age, though.

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