“How Similar You Two Are.” For the first time, Lopez revealed her 81-year-old father on her Instagram page.

Jennifer Lopez, 53, seldom shows her followers pictures of her family. The Hollywood diva made one exception, though, by recently posting a picture of her 81-year-old father. As soon as this happened, Jennifer’s admirers started comparing the well-known Latina beauty to her mom and noticing intriguing similarities.

Jennifer, would you mind sharing more pictures like this? “You look so much like him,” “That smile and that face with the oval features are from your dad,” I’m Daddy’s girl.”

“Now I recognize the similarity,” “Lopez just looks like a typical Latina; there’s nothing extraordinary about her appearance,” Jennifer might not meet the standard of beauty, but there is no denying that she has charm.

Numerous remarks under Lopez’s post draw attention to how much she resembles her father. She is compared to her dad as being either a mirror image or spitting image of him.

What do you believe? Do you think the singer’s parent can be clearly distinguished from her? Do you agree with the comments’ points of view?

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