After ten years, a homeless man’s transformation brings him back together with his long-lost relatives: what a heartbreaking reunion!

Near his store in Goiania, Brazil, businessman Alessandro Lobo came upon a homeless guy called Joao Coelho Guimares. Alessandro didn’t reject Joao; he helped him and drove him to his barbershop. Joao had a haircut, a shave, and new clothing there.

Alessandro posted pictures of the amazing change on Instagram to both show off his work and spread the word about assisting people in need. He had no idea that Joao’s family, who had been certain he had passed away for the previous 10 years, would read his letter.

Joao’s mother and sister saw the article and got in touch with Alessandro to ask for help in locating their long-lost cousin. Years prior, they had stopped communicating with Joao, fearing the worst.

The social media message, though, gave them hope. The family was ultimately reunited with Joao after a lengthy search.

Alessandro was ecstatic to be a part of this joyful occasion and understood the significant influence of his selfless deed.

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