The 540-gram Premature Baby Girl Survived and is Now Growing Up. It really is a miracle!

Watch the remarkable journey of Baby Haley Dillon, who defied all odds by being delivered at barely 23 weeks of pregnancy. She battled to breathe for a startling 7 minutes after giving delivery. Her fragile skin barely covered the visibility of her internal organs as she weighed only 540 grams.

Today, we present a touching story that demonstrates the effectiveness of faith and the enduring love of a mother—a story that demonstrates the possibility of miracles.

“My baby looked like an alien-like crimson thing when she was born. She scarcely resembled a newborn in her immature prenatal form. The courageous girl’s mother, Cheri Price, says, “But we hung onto the notion that she would live.

The mother was initially unable to hold her child since Haley was quickly placed in an incubator. Before Cheri could finally touch her baby for the first time, it took an unbelievable 18 days.

Cheri claims that she went into labor in the 20th week of her pregnancy. The family decided to travel over 500 kilometers to Darlington in search of a hospital that could help after learning that St. Mary’s Hospital in Isle of Wight would not treat infants delivered before 25 weeks. After Cheri’s water ruptured and her contractions became more frequent, she was brought to the hospital.

The newborn girl had bloodshot eyes when she was born and was later found to have third-degree retinopathy of prematurity. The labor took two long days. The young child was in danger of losing her vision, but a miracle turn of events allowed her retina to recover.

Haley’s parents were ecstatic to finally be able to bring their daughter home three months after her early arrival. This remarkable story is described as nothing short of a miracle by both physicians and parents. Who would have thought that a newborn girl delivered at 23 weeks would overcome all odds and develop into such a lovely soul? This girl is now thriving in great health and looks just like her classmates.

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