A 12-year-old boy has been carrying his sick friend on his back to school for the past six years.

Having dependable friends in their lives is a tremendous blessing since they provide continuous support regardless of the situation.

We saw a tragic event in the Chinese province of Sichuan, and it is only right that we share it with you after being so impacted. A youngster called Zhang Jie was diagnosed with a serious disease at the young age of 4. He gradually started to lose control of his muscles and couldn’t walk anymore.

Zhang was committed to pursuing his studies and going to school every day despite his health issues. All due to Xu Bingyan, a dedicated buddy and classmate who carries Zhang to class on his back.

Bingyan never leaves his friend’s side, joining him to the school lunch, the toilet during recess, and even helping with their joint schoolwork. The little child enjoys assisting his buddy and recognizes the value of education. He works to ensure that Zhang has access to an education.

Zhang weights 25 kg compared to my 40. As a result, I can carry him on my back with ease,” Bingyan boasts.

“Xu is my closest pal. He has provided me with so many great things. I will always be appreciative of his support and attention. In the future, Xu himself hopes to pursue a career that would enable him to keep assisting people and have a beneficial influence on the neighborhood.

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