For $60 million, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck purchase their “dream home.”

A substantial real estate purchase by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck has cemented their romance. The acquisition of the couple’s opulent Beverly Hills property represents a significant turning point in their romance. The couple paid the astonishing $60.85 million price for the magnificent house in cash. J.Lo and Affleck were able to save an amazing $15 million from the $75 million asking price by haggling the price down. This home, which covers an area of roughly 49,000 square meters, is really breathtaking.

The home gives plenty of room and comfort with 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, and 15 fireplaces. The house was first put up for sale in 2018, with an outrageous $135 million initial valuation. However, the owners subsequently cut the price by almost half because there were no buyers at that price. The estate, which is perched on a 20,000 square meter peninsula, has a 12-car garage as well as additional open parking for up to 80 vehicles. There are separate structures on the property, such as a sports facility, a guest house, and guard quarters.

The power couple’s new house will provide access to a wide variety of attractions. They have their own fully functional gym, which includes a boxing ring, a basketball court, and pickleball courts. A bar and sports lounge offer a comfortable setting for unwinding. Additionally, there are massage rooms, a home theater, a wine cellar, and a beauty shop on the site. To top it all off, a sizable pool gives their ideal home the ideal finishing touch.

Although the couple’s journey has been generally happy, there have been some tense times. A recent confrontation between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was caught on camera by paparazzi. The actor looked to get into a violent argument with the obviously distraught singer while gesturing emotionally.

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