Cherished Joy: A Look at Merkulov’s Quintuplets When They Were 3 Years Old

In the summer of 2017, Alexander and Anastasia Merkulov, who were already married, had five children. At first, they thought there would be four kids, but when there were five, it was a nice surprise.

The new baby didn’t bother the young parents at all. If four wasn’t enough, why not five? The couple had wanted a child for a long time, but it was hard for them to get pregnant. They tried many times, but each time failed. Anastasia thought that she was to blame for all of these bad things.

Each of her pregnancies ended in a loss, which was very sad. In 2016, Nastya told her husband Sasha that she was going to have another child. This time, luckily, the pregnancy went to the 32nd week, and she was ready for a planned caesarean section.

She was very weak, so the operation was hard on her, and the doctors were fighting desperately to save her life. When her health started to get better, the doctor walked up to her and said, “Nastya, you have to pull through. There are five cute babies who can’t wait to meet you.”

The Merkulovs were overjoyed because their long-held dream had come true! People often ask them how they take care of so many small children. When the children were young, Anastasia took care of them all by herself, while her husband helped out after work. When the kids were 6 months old and started to crawl, Alexander planned a trip to help his wife. So, it’s been three years since the quintuplets were born.

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