Soft and round. Hayek, who is 56 years old, laid out in her underwear on a yacht.

Salma Hayek, who is 56, is different from her peers in that she isn’t afraid to show herself on the internet without any changes or edits. The star has shared holiday photos that show the world how beautiful she is in her natural state.

Hayek tells her adoring fans that she could look even more beautiful if she didn’t like to relax so much. Could it possibly get any better?

Commenters on Hayek’s trip pictures talked about the artist’s photo. “She’s perfect!” “She’s beautiful!” “So round and soft. I want to hug her right away,” “She’s beautiful.”

“Did she forget to get older?” “What a nice woman,” “A Mexican doll,” “How I like her,” “She knows how to get people’s attention,” and “How can you not admire her?” were some of the things I read in the comments section of an actor Salma Hayek’s post.

What do you think of the newest photos of this famous actor?

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