The strange beauty keeps surprising: A 5-year-old girl became well-known because of how she looked.

A little girl from Montenegro named Kristina Dragash was born in 2016. At a young age, the pretty girl is already working as a model.

People on the Internet and people who work for big brands are amazed by the girl’s eyes.

The pretty girl has the natural charm of many girls her age, but what makes her stand out is her hypnotic eye color.

She has worked as a model for several years because she has a unique look. She has worked with well-known children’s clothes brands in Montenegro and been in many ads all over the country.

Even though she is young, the girl is already making money because of her unique looks.

There are definitely people on the Internet who don’t like what the girl is doing and say that she will lose her youth if she keeps doing it.

But that doesn’t bother the girl, so she keeps working harder.

Her mother says that Kristina loves to walk the stage and has already been in a number of fashion shows. She stands out among her close family because she has bright blue eyes and looks like her father.

So, her mother posts pictures of the young model often on an Instagram account. Over 8,500 people follow the account to see how Kristina is doing.

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