Antonio Banderas showed a rare photo of himself with his young bride and said, “Very beautiful.”

Antonio Banderas is known for his charm and his love of romance. In recent years, he seems to have found comfort in a steady relationship. It all started when he met a beautiful girl who captivated him and made him fall in love.

The Spanish star, who is 62 years old, has not only won over Hollywood, but also a lot of fans all over the world. But Nicole Kempel was able to get the gorgeous star’s attention. Even though Banderas tends to keep his personal life private on social media, he makes an exception for his 41-year-old partner and sometimes posts selfies of them together.

Aside from the fact that she was born in the Netherlands and works as a banker, not much is known about Kempel. The couple hasn’t been apart for almost a decade. Fans are happy every time they see a picture of the star and his lady.

Happy comments like “What a beautiful couple!” and “They make such a cute couple” and “Antonio, take good care of her” and “She is such a beautiful woman” and “You two look so great together” fill the comment sections, as fans celebrate the love success of their favorite idol.

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