Kate Beckinsale told how Keanu Reeves helped her at the Cannes Film Festival. She said, “I panicked because of the shame with the skirt.”

Much Ado About Nothing was a movie that Kate Beckinsale, Keanu Reeves, and Robert Sean Leonard showed at a film festival in 1993. Kate was only 19 years old and had no one to help her with her clothes.

Kate put a flower from a vase that came with her hotel room breakfast in her hair. She wore a brown dress with a lot of colors and tough boots, which looked good together.

But her underwear was giving her trouble.

She bought a bodysuit at the airport from a store. When she got into the car with Denzel and Pauletta Washington to go to the opening, the buttons on her bodysuit came undone, and it opened up like a curtain. Kate couldn’t solve the problem in the car.

She got to the event on the Croisette and told her co-stars right away what had happened. Keanu and Robert pushed her past the cameras as she walked. Kate showed a picture from the film festival that she had taken and kept in her own collection.

“I quietly told Keanu and Robert Sean Leonard what had happened on the most important red carpet of my life.

I’m holding the front of my costume in the shot, and they’re holding the back. Even though they didn’t fully understand what was going on or know the word “gusset,” they were both great and didn’t hesitate to help. “They saved me just now,” Kate said.

Kate went to the Cannes Film Festival again this year and was in charge of the amfAR dinner. Alena Gavrilova, a Russian model, also went to the event.

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