A woman with only one arm playing the violin is a surprise: her ability holds everyone’s attention.

A Japanese woman who learned to play the violin with only one arm is the subject of a very interesting story.

The woman doesn’t have a right arm. Instead, she has a long artificial arm that is connected to a blanket-like thing that she wears over her shoulder.

Even though she had a physical problem, she learned to play the instrument with the help of a special device that was connected to her shoulder and let her hold the bow.

A video of this skilled woman playing the violin went viral on the Internet at the beginning of September.

When you first hear her music, you can’t believe it comes from someone who only has one hand.

By moving her right arm, she makes a beautiful tune that makes people want to listen to it over and over again.

The video was first shared on Facebook by a user in Japan. Within five days, it had almost ten million views.

The woman’s name is Manami, and she loves singing and swimming.

Manami’s amazing skills are an example to others and a reminder that with hard work and imagination, we can get through anything and do amazing things.

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