She grew up, and when people saw what the US baby giant looks like now, they were shocked.

The name Jessica Leonard was all over the news 16 years ago. At just 7 years old, the girl weighed close to 200 kilograms. During that time, she was constantly criticized and watched by the public. Jessica’s parents felt hopeless as they tried to deal with their daughter’s situation, which was that she was always hungry. In an effort to help her, Jessica’s mother gave her lots of high-calorie food, which made her weight gain worse.

But Jessica’s mother got herself together and asked for help at the right time. She went to a program to help her lose weight, where experts worked hard to help Jessica. The doctors gave her important help and made a special food plan for her needs. Jessica’s life was in danger because of her weight, and their help saved her.

Today, Jessica is nothing like the person she used to be. There’s no sign of the fat girl she used to be. She has turned into a beautiful young woman because she has always paid close attention to what she eats and how fit she is.

Jessica Leonard’s life is now healthy and beautiful. She is sure of herself and happy with herself.

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