The gift that the daughter gave to her parents made the parents’ partners cry.

After a terrible accident, Miguel and Ada Rojas, an elderly couple from Florida, were sad.

The couple recently lost their cute dog.

When the couple went for a walk with their 3-year-old Chihuahua, Gucci, they were attacked by two wild bulldogs.

The good dog’s deep cuts caused him to close his eyes for good. The 89-year-old man was taken to the hospital with high blood pressure, and both he and his wife, Ada, were bitten by angry dogs.

When the couple got back to their home, their daughter, who was also named Ada, went to see them.

Ada wants to give a gift to her parents. It was a cute dog that was two months old.

When the couple saw the little dog, they couldn’t help but cry. They began to cry, but it was tears of happiness.

The mother said that the puppy made them happy and would help them live.

The girl was very moved by this sad scene.

“I was sad and happy at the same time,” said Ada as she watched her parents hug their new animal friend. “I also got that our dogs are part of the family,” she said.

Ada was happy to make her parents feel better. She was sure that they would be much happier with their new friend.

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