“From 727 lbs to a New Lease on Life”: Killas Givens’s Inspirational Transformation!

In today’s piece, we learn about Killas Givens, a guy who was only 35 years old when he weighed 727 pounds. He had a wife and three girls, and he didn’t want to be a burden on them anymore.

He understood that his weight was getting in the way of his life and his relationship with his wife, Jessica. So, he chose to change the situation.

Killas had to stay in bed for almost two and a half years because of his weight, and his wife had to take care of him in every way. Even though Killas was already overweight when they met, their love for each other didn’t change.

Killas joined the reality show “I Weigh 727 lbs” to try to lose weight. When he went to the doctor, he was very sick, and the doctor told him that if he hadn’t done anything, he could have died. So, being on the show saved his life in a very real way.

Killas lost about 154 pounds in the first month of the show, and he even learned to walk again. Then he had surgery to make his stomach smaller, which helped him lose weight even more quickly.

In one year, he lost 418 pounds, and in one and a half years, he lost an amazing 462 pounds!

Killas had surgery to get rid of the extra skin after she lost so much weight. Now he’s back to living a full life. He’s taken on three times as much at work and can support his family.

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