Angelina Jolie showed up at the Fashion House after getting a new look. She was no longer a brunette.

Angelina Jolie’s beauty has changed as she goes back to her look from the 1990s. The well-known star from Hollywood went out in public.

The actor, who is 48 years old, started her own fashion house last month. This got her interested in the fashion business. Angelina met with Gabriela Hurst, who is in charge of the artistic side of the ChloĆ© company, the day before. The star of the movie “Eternal” worked hard to get ready for this event. Jolie wore a beautiful black midi dress with open shoulders and a deep neckline when she showed up. The actress chose similar pumps to go with her outfit.

Angelina changed her haircut and now has blonde curls that look like honey. She used a flat iron to give them soft waves. Jolie had stayed true to her rich brown hair color for a long time.

When she first got into the movie business in the 1990s, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife had blonde hair. Angelina’s new look reminds me a lot of her character Lisa Rove from the movie “A Life Interrupted.”

Fans of the star are talking a lot about how she looks now. “She cut her hair like Jennifer Aniston’s,” “She looks better in light colors,” etc. Users said things like, “It makes Angelina look younger,” “She was perfect with brown hair and cherry lipstick,” “Angie is beautiful in any color,” and “She looks like a real movie star again.”

The actor is getting ready to show off the first project from her clothing line, Atelier Jolie. She is putting together a small line of women’s clothes for the ChloĆ© brand because she won an Oscar and is working with the company. Evening wear from this line will be made of eco-friendly fabrics and have flowy shapes, textured details, and a classic look.

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