Now, they are 13. How the world’s most beautiful twins look now

Lia and Ava, who were both born in 2010, began modeling when they were very young. But the twins’ mother soon learned that moving and working with three young kids, including their oldest son, who was also a baby at the time, was not easy.

Still, when they were 7 years old, the twins’ lives took a different turn. Ava and Lia were suddenly thrust into the spotlight and became stars overnight. In talks, their mother stressed that she had nothing to do with their choice to become models. She said that the girls had asked their parents very eagerly to take them to casting calls.

Now, 13 years later, the girls are now 13 years old. They are still doing well as models and are known as some of the best paid kids in the business. You can’t deny that these young stars have a fascinating beauty that’s hard to ignore.

When you think about this story, you might wonder if you would want your own children to have such a busy childhood with no time for fun or rest.

Let’s talk about what we think about this, dear friends, as we think about how complicated and important it is.

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