“And He Seemed So Modest”: In Love, Keanu Reeves kissed his love interest in front of everyone.

We often see young models or people who have had plastic surgery next to Hollywood stars. As it turns out, even among Hollywood stars, there are people who don’t follow the rules. The 58-year-old Hollywood beauty was with her fiancee, Alexandra Grant, on the red carpet the other day.

Her natural beauty makes her stand out from the other artists picked. Alexandra doesn’t try to hide her gray hair and has never gone to a beauty surgeon for help.

“Looks 70,” “Like a mother and a son.”

“This woman looks older than even Keanu’s mother,” “A woman should take care of herself. And even more so in this case. Alexandra doesn’t have any beauty.

“What good does that do? A woman brags that she looks older than her age?”, Fans of Reeves wrote in the comments that he was “kind of forgotten.”

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