Check out one of the best ice dance routines ever: they are beautiful

Every list of the best and most famous British Olympic acts of all time puts Torvill and Dean’s figure skating dance to Boléro at the top.

The famous and cute couple did their very beautiful and moving act at the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo, which took place on Valentine’s Day.

They were supposed to be the last ones to act in their group, so the wait was terrible. The couple had been making a lot of noise at figure skating competitions for a while.

Even though they had come in fifth at the last Olympics, they had already won the British, European, and World Championships. There was a lot of hope.

In the UK, 24 million people watched their amazing show, which was a record. As Torvill and Dean took their first steps on the ice, everyone in Sarajevo and all over the world was watching.

Boléro by Maurice Ravel starts with a drum beat that is very interesting. Supposedly, Ravel told a friend while he was writing the music:

Do you agree that this theme seems to keep coming back? I’ll try to play it over and over without changing anything, and do my best to build up the group slowly.

This is a big part of why Torvill and Dean’s show is so amazing.

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