How does the American “Baby Batman” who was born with a birthmark on her face look now?

A few years ago, the beautiful Natalie was born in one of America’s maternity hospitals. Her parents had been waiting with bated breath for this moment. The pregnancy was expected, and the parents-to-be were doing everything they could to get ready for the new baby.

Natalie’s mother, Lacey, couldn’t stop crying when the baby was born with a dark spot on half of her face. Doctors started reassuring the girl’s parents right away by telling them that they had done all the necessary tests and found nothing that could be bad for the girl’s health.

Even though these marks aren’t popular, some kids are born with them. No one knows for sure why this keeps happening. Maybe it’s a problem with her genes that can’t be fixed with medicine.

After some time, Natalie’s parents thought about hiring doctors to get rid of her scar. However, the surgeons said that this would only hurt the baby, so it was decided not to go ahead.

The little girl is almost four years old. She is the same as her friends, and where she lives just makes her stand out more. She likes to hang out with her many friends. Natalie’s parents say that no one in their neighborhood would be bothered by Natalie’s stain.

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