She was made fun of in her home country. What does the strange-looking girl look like today?

Twenty years ago, an Indian family had a little boy named Ganatra. She was a unique child because her hair and face weren’t dark. She had red hair and a fair complexion. It was a big deal for the people around.

India is not used to seeing people look like this, so when Ganatra started getting spots on her face, her mother took her to the doctor. She didn’t realize that they were spots.

Ganatra had a hard time with how she looked. She was teased at school because of how different she looked, which made her feel bad about herself and give her a problem.

After a long time, the girl finally realized she was pretty and accepted herself as she was. Now she wishes she hadn’t paid attention to the mean things people said.

Everyone was naturally interested about how an Indian family could have a baby with such white skin. Relatives offered to do a DNA test, but the girl’s parents are sure that this is their daughter.

What can you say about what happened to the girl? Does she have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look?

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