“She doesn’t mind a size 50!”: Even though she is fat, this girl doesn’t feel bad about her body.

Just look at this girl if you still think that only thin people are pretty.

While millions of women around the world diet, put limits on themselves, and work out until they are tired, she lives for herself and is happy with who she is.

At the same time, you can’t call her “ugly,” “fat,” or “dirty.” She dresses very well and carries herself in a way that makes it clear to everyone around her that she is beautiful.

Iskra Lawrence is the name of this girl, and she was able to love herself and show others how important it is to do so. Iskra is a model, even though she wears size 50 clothes.

The beauty tells everyone that happiness doesn’t come from the size of clothes, but from loving herself and her body.

Are you on the same page as she is? Please tell me what you think!

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