It’s hard to believe! The famous actor’s fans didn’t recognize him in the new photos.

When you see old pictures of the actor Tim Curry, you will all surely remember him. Tim’s part in the movie “Home Alone” is what younger people remember about him. He played Mr. Hector, the butler.

The actor has been in a lot of movies, and some of our favorite cartoon figures are voiced by Tim Curry. The famous person is now 77 years old and no longer acts in movies. Tim had a stroke and can’t walk on his own anymore.

People were just shocked by how great they were in such a bad situation. In his new photos, they almost didn’t know him. Even though Tim’s looks and behavior have changed so much, fans of the Hollywood star still love and appreciate their favorite actor.

People wrote things like “What a shame,” “Such a bright and talented artist,” “This is unbelievable!”, “I don’t want to believe it,” “Very sad,” “Tim, we remember you when you were young and healthy,” and “One of the best actors.”

What’s up with you? Do you like the actor’s work? Did you know who he was when he was so old?

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