“Britney Spears is alive and well. Her husband posted a picture of them together when rumors were going around that she had died.”

After reports about the “death” of American singer Britney Spears sent the Internet into a tizzy, her husband Sam Asgari took to his fans to explain what was going on. Asgari didn’t directly address the fan ideas about Britney’s supposed death, but he did post a new video of the couple smiling happily by the ocean, which showed how healthy the singer looks.

Sam wrote in the video’s description, “Enjoying a hike with my partner,” giving a glimpse into their happy relationship despite all the rumors.

Even though Sam Asgari tried to calm fans’ worries, his actions only seemed to make them more angry. The singer’s husband was criticized for not standing up for Britney in public. He was accused of sharing content with his wife only when there were rumors in the news.

Even though Asgari turned off comments on the Britney Spears video, fans didn’t give up and started flooding his other social media sites and posts. Hashtags like #freebritney and #whereisbritney grew in popularity as people demanded proof that Britney was safe.

The internet was recently shocked by an idea that Britney Spears might be dead and that her family is using a lookalike to make money off of her name. Fans found what they thought was proof in one of her videos, where her face seemed to have been changed digitally. This idea made the worries of loyal followers even worse.

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