A 76-year-old man gets into a fight over a piano at the mall… This fight is the most interesting and fun one I’ve ever seen.

Brendan Kavanagh, who is from Ireland and goes by the name “Dr. K,” is a British pianist and piano coach who has more than 1.5 million YouTube followers. Promotes and plays boogie-woogie, which is almost always made up on the spot and is often a mix of jazz, blues, rock and roll, and traditional Irish musical themes. He often plays piano in public places, sometimes with strangers or friends in four hands.

He also plays the accordion, with an emphasis on Irish tunes. Brendan Kavanaugh started Dr. K Media Limited in 2007. It is a business that teaches boogie, blues, and rock and roll piano on multiple platforms. Since then, the business has changed its focus to online training, sales, performances, and marketing of piano music, with a strong focus on boogie-woogie music.

Currently playing as Dr. K, often in his trademark dark hoodie and black glasses, and sometimes in a worker’s, police, or security outfit, to amazed onlookers at public pianos in train stations, airports, and other open public places, mostly in London.

He sometimes pulls jokes on people who already know how to play the piano by pretending to be a beginner, asking where middle C is on the keys, playing a few notes clumsily, and then improvising in a way that makes people laugh. He is also known for not answering “What’s your name?” with “Do you know boogie-woogie?” when asked, which has led to some strange jokes.

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