Rihanna, who was pregnant for the second time, wore a short top and showed off her round belly as she walked with her boyfriend.

Rihanna, who is 35, is not afraid to show off her beautiful body while she is pregnant.

The singer and her boyfriend, the rapper A$AP Rocky, went to France, where she showed off her beauty once again. The singer and her boyfriend went out to dinner in Paris.

The famous person went out for the night in gray pants and a short silver top that showed off her baby belly. The artist also added to the picture a long coat made by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi.

Rihanna has a lot of friends and goes to many events, even though she is pregnant. But the star doesn’t forget to be a parent. She has a child who is 11 months old and is making plans for a second one.

The artist recently gave a tip about the baby’s gender. Rihanna was left in a store while she was buying clothes for her baby.

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