She doesn’t feel bad about being old:A picture of a 94-year-old model in a bodysuit by the pool got her in trouble.

Buddy Winkle is an American model and he is 94 years old. You might be shocked to learn that the woman became famous on Instagram when she was already over 80. Buddy shows off her beauty as an adult and plays around with pictures. The woman doesn’t try to hide the fact that she likes to wear fun, young clothes. Buddy jokes that, since 1928, people say that she has been taking the guys from regular American women.

Not all Internet users are as excited as Buddy’s friends, who find the photos of the 94-year-old model moving. “At your age, I think you shouldn’t post such pictures,” “Don’t the family members see what the grandmother is doing?”

“Buddy loves life” or “She lives to the fullest. People wrote under Winkle’s post, “Envy quietly”, “I don’t even want to look at her”, and “You need to respect your age.”

What do you think of the older woman? Do you agree with what they said?

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