She looks like she’s getting older. Sharon Stone posted a picture of herself in a bikini, showing how much she’s changed.

Sharon Stone is a famous actress and a star in the movie industry. Her good looks and friendly personality never fail to please her large fan base. This time, she got people’s attention by posting pictures of herself in a bikini on her Instagram account. The beautiful 64-year-old woman stood in front of a mirror and wrote, “Why do I always get in shape when summer is over?”

In several comments, everyone said how much they liked and admired their beautiful performer. Many of the famous people she knew also couldn’t go ignored. “You are just hot!” said Lisa Rinna. Paulina Porizkova also told her, “Lady, you are always in shape to slay.”

The actor has been well-known for a long time. And her fame and charm are still shining. She does admit, though, that it is very hard for her to keep her fame and the title “sex symbol of the 1960s.” And even though she stays in shape, it is clear that she has changed a lot. She looks like she is her age.

Her fans, on the other hand, don’t seem to care about this. No matter how old or ugly she is, they love and respect her. Stone herself thinks it’s funny and nice that people still like her looks even though she’s an old woman.

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