“Even her young husband felt bad about it” Heidi Klum, who is 49 years old, wore a frilly dress with a deep bodice.

Heidi Klum is 49 years old now, but she is still one of the most beautiful models in the world. The reason for this is that the German beauty always looks beautiful, no matter how old she is. The model is slim and has almost no wrinkles, and designers at well-known fashion names still like her.

It’s not surprising that young models look up to Heidi and want to be like her. In addition to her beauty and big projects, the beautiful actor has a young, attractive husband. The drummer for “Tokyo Hotel,” Tom Kaulitz, is 33 years old and has been married to Klum since 2019.

People had doubts about their relationship because of the big age difference, but they show every day that they are excited about each other and deeply in love.

Heidi, who was a beauty in the 1990s, likes to stay passionate and young, so she often tries out images that are so raw that even her most loyal fans are sometimes shocked by them.

Klum went to dinner with her beloved husband the other day wearing a tight black dress with big red flowers. The “highlight” of the picture was the low neckline, which showed almost all of Heidi’s beautiful breasts.

Even though the model was beautiful, not all of her fans liked how expensive she looked. A lot of people thought that Heidi’s neckline was too high.

“I thought the chest would fall out,” “Heidi was dressed too obscenely,” “I don’t like it at all,” Internet users said things like, “She’ll be naked soon,” “Her husband was already embarrassed by how she looked,” “She’s getting younger,” and “What a weird jumpsuit.”

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