Bruce Willis’ daughter, who is 34 years old, just had her first child. She shared a picture of the baby.

The famous person’s family has good news to tell. The news was posted by Rumer Willis, who is the oldest child of actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore. Derek Richard Thomas, who is in the band, and Emma Thompson, who is an actor, have a kid.

On April 18, when she was 34, Rumer had a beautiful girl. On Instagram, the star shared the news.

The star was honest about where the girl was born because that’s where she gave birth. She showed a picture of the beautiful baby.

Rumer also wrote down the baby’s name. The name her parents chose for her was Luetta Isley Thomas Willis.

“I give God thanks for you. On April 18, Willis wrote to her daughter next to the first picture she had of her new baby: “You made me a mommy.”

The famous grandfather hasn’t said anything about how big his family is getting. Now Bruce Willis is sick. The famous person was just told that they have frontotemporal dementia.

The famous person has trouble recognizing family members and may have trouble understanding conversations.

Just cross our fingers that the famous star will get better quickly.

Let’s send this beautiful new person our best wishes. Please share your thoughts and ideas here.

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