A baby boy’s dancing stuns a lot of people a week after he learns to walk.

Little babies dancing has to be the cutest thing you can find on the Internet, so it’s not surprising that many videos of babies dancing go popular in a flash.

When mommy Jolene Taylor shared a video of her baby boy dancing, she couldn’t have known that it would shock millions of people.

This baby is going to be a great dancer. His moves are so cute that they made many people fall in love with him, and his incredible energy made many people smile. People agree that his performance makes you want to get up and dance.

It’s easy to see why this cute kid became a big deal on the Internet. We just can’t stop thinking about him.

You’ve probably already seen a lot of people take the Git Up dare. Really, most of those videos are funny and fun, but this boy’s moves are the best. The Get Up, a song by Blanco Brown, was the inspiration for this task that is now going around the world. Now, crazy dance moves are all over social media and on the app TikTok.

Brown even made a step-by-step guide so that people can learn the moves quickly and have fun doing it before they post their videos online. But what’s really cool about this active baby in the video below is that he has perfect beat and can do the moves even though he just learned to walk a week before the video was taken.

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