55-year-old Julia Roberts changed her look, which made half of her fans happy and the other half terrified.

You may already know that spring is the time to start over. Julia Roberts chose to change her look because of this, and she ended up giving her hair a whole new look.

But not all of the star’s fans liked the new look. Us magazine just recently published new pictures of the famous Pretty Woman actress in a different look.

Photos taken in Geneva show that Julia showed up with long bangs and curls in her hair. She was at an event for the Chopard brand, whose watch advertising business she is now a part of.

According to the story, Julia Roberts’s new look was put together by the well-known fashion expert Serge Normant.

He was so proud of his work that he shared it on several social media sites. But the actress’s fans didn’t have a clear reaction to her new look. Their reactions went from ecstatic praise to harsh criticism.

Several of the actress’s loyal fans thought that her new hairstyle wasn’t all that great.

One of them, for example, asked indignantly, “What did she do to herself?!”

Someone else said that the star was now a totally different person from who she used to be.

On the other hand, Julia didn’t seem to be the least bit embarrassed by this answer. Mostly because she now has a lot of reasons to be happy. First of all, after a rough patch in their marriage, the actress’s relationship with her husband, Daniel Moder, has finally gotten better.

But about two years ago, there were a lot of rumors that they were going to break up soon. Even so, the couple was able to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a lot of joy and happiness last year.

Roberts’ personal life and work life are both in good shape right now, and so is her family life.

Even though she is 55 years old, the actor is still working and doing well in the movie business. “Ticket to Paradise,” a love comedy that Julia Roberts and George Clooney acted in and co-wrote, just came out, much to the delight of her loyal fans.

In the meantime, Julia’s family budget has been actively refilled over the past few years, not only by spending money on movies, but also by money she gets from advertising efforts for luxury companies that pay her a lot of money. This is on top of the money from the movie theater.

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