“As she gets older, she’s getting better.” How does 55-year-old Roberts look without any makeup?

Sad to say, no one changes over time. Even though we’re used to getting older ourselves, we’re not ready for the people we look up to to get older. Julia Roberts went for a walk a few days ago, and the cameras were there to catch it. It was clear that the star wasn’t ready for the cameras to come.

Julia went in front of the cameras without doing her hair or putting on any makeup. People on the network said in the comments section that they barely recognized the character. “From a pretty girl to an old woman,”

“She looks pretty just by the way she smiles,” “In any way, I like her,”

“She gets better as she gets older,” “But what a thin woman, not even a wrinkle,”

Under the pictures, the reporter wrote, “I wish I had looked like that when I was 55.” Tell us your thoughts.

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