Instead of a beauty product, this woman got a shot of cement. Here’s how she looked after the process.

People often do a lot of different things to stay young. This is done by doctors and people who work in beauty. But not everybody can pay for it.

Raji is a woman who met a “professional” and wanted to look the way she had always wanted to. Since she was in a hurry, she decided to trust the doctor. Unfortunately, it looks like the doctor is no longer licensed to do his job.

Instead of using professional and medical goods, the doctor shot a real cement, and Raja’s face changed in a big way after a while.

One day, she was lucky enough to find a program that helped people like her who had been hurt by illegal doctors.

In fact, Raja was able to get rid of a large amount of the injected part, but some of it had to stay because it hurt her just to move.

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