At 36, they were already old women. This is how America’s richest twins look now.

At the end of the 1990s, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became heroes for all girls. Before getting ideas for their movies “Changing Gates,” “Sunny Holidays,” and “Two: Me and My Shadow,” the twins had to deal with different problems.

The cute sisters became famous all over the world. In 2007, they made $100 million and were 11th on the list of the richest women in the entertainment business. With the help of their parents, the twins were able to turn their name into a brand that was used for clothes, books, signs, perfumes, and toys.

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s career growth was slowed down by the fact that they were known as beautiful teenagers. But their personal lives were a mess. Ashley liked sports, and Mary-Kate liked bankers, like the brother of former French President Sarkozy.

The Olsen twins are now 36 years old, but they still look like cute young people. Mary-Kate went too far with the plastic, which made her face look cold and lifeless. Ashley has Lyme disease, which is deadly. A tick bit her and gave her the disease. Ashley’s skin, nervous system, and joints probably looked different because of how shocking the disease is. However, she recently went out in public with her new husband, artist Louis Eisner, who is 34 years old.

How do you feel about the twins? Have they changed a lot through the years?

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