“This is not a physical feature of my body, and it is not a disease”: Whoopi Goldberg, 67, explained why she doesn’t have brows.

Whoopi Goldberg makes a notable appearance, owing mostly to the disappearance of her brows. Fans have long questioned why their beloved actress lacks brows; some even claimed it was due to a sickness, but the answer was much simpler.

“This is not a characteristic of my body, nor is it a disease.” “I just have a habit of completely plucking my brows that dates back to childhood,” the actress said.

It turns out that the actress had little lumps in her brows when she was a child, and Whoopi’s mother shaved them off during therapy, and then Goldberg began to do so as well.

The actress later recognized that this was her “highlight.” That’s why she refused to make any changes. “Some people don’t even realize that I lack brows. In an interview, Whoopi Goldberg joked, “For example, my ex-husband.”

And what do you think of the attractive actress’s habit? Did you notice how her brows were missing?

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